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JUDr. Pavol Gráčik

More than 10 years of experience

The law firm was established on 1 January 2006 by JUDr. Pavol Gráčik – advocate; at present time the law firm is composed of two advocates and four associates. Since its establishing, the law firm successfully resolved number of civil and commercial cases, most of them in the judicial proceedings. We also have wide experience in criminal law, primarily serving as a defence counsel to accused persons, where JUDr. Pavol Gráčik is the leading person of the firm in this area. Lawyers of our law firm have gradually been specialising in various areas of law, where the law firm primarily concentrates on providing legal services of defence counsel in criminal trial and representation of clients in civil, commercial, consumer and labour disputes.

Vigilantibus iura scripta sunt.

(The laws of the vigilant are written)

Commercial Law

Legal services primarily include drafting of commercial contracts, enforcing claims arising from business activities and representing of clients in judicial proceedings.

International Law

Legal services and clients’ representation in all matters arising from international commerce, including drafting of contracts, enforcing claims and dispute resolution.

Right to Damages

Claiming damages arising from activities of state authorities (or municipalities) concerning exercise of official powers, i.e. caused by unlawful decision, unlawful arrest, detention, etc.

Civil Law

Drafting of contracts on transfer of real property, apartments and non-residential premises and other assets. Providing of all-range legal consultations, etc.

Criminal Law

Legal services are primarily provided as defence counsel in criminal proceedings. Legal services are also frequently provided to injured parties claiming damages in criminal proceedings.

Right to Protection of Personal Rights

Arranging for protection against unlawful interference with personal rights of an individual, primarily concerning harm resulting from libellous information published in media, etc.

Labour Law

Representing of employers or employees in judicial proceedings concerning unlawful termination of employment, asserting claims, etc.

Administrative Law

Legal services include legal aid in proceedings on administrative offences and proceedings before building authorities and administrative authorities.

More detailed description of services in particular areas of law may be found in section “Legal Services”.

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