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Protection of Personal Rights

This area of law is governed by Section 11 of the Civil Code, prescribing right of every individual to protection of own personal rights, primarily life and health, personal reputation and human dignity, as well as protection of privacy, personal data and right to expression. In this area our legal services usually involve arranging for protection against unlawful interference with the above-mentioned rights of individual resulting from, among others, presenting of libellous information in media or presenting such information in defamatory manner and violating personal dignity and reputation. In case the sustained harm exceeds the level in which a mere moral satisfaction is considered as adequate, primarily in cases of degrading human dignity of a person or its reputation in society, we provide all-range legal services concerning claiming of financial compensation for sustained emotional harm, which may be awarded pursuant to Section 13 (2) of the Civil Code.

This area also covers providing legal assistance in claiming right to compensation of personal harm and right to damages arising from violation of life and health of injured persons, being a result of torts, primarily car accidents, and of criminal offences.